April 5th – 7th Inspire Courts, Phoenix, Arizona

Exclusive Runs takes place during the NCAA Men’s Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona! This event brings together the nation’s elite boys’ travel teams for a competition like no other, all set against the backdrop of the NCAA Men’s Final Four. This Event

  • Takes Place Under One Roof (Inspire Courts, Gilbert, Arizona)
  • Runs During The Men’s Final Four Making It a Central Meeting Location For College Coaches Around The Country.
  • Will Feature Extensive Media Coverage
  • Will Feature All Tournament Teams Selections
  • Will Have An All – Star Game Featuring The Top Players From The Event

This unique event, combines talent, atmosphere and exposure, all set during the biggest basketball weekend of the year!

Payment Instructions

The Cost For This Event Is $450.

Upon Completion Of Payment And Registration The Team’s Primary Contact Will Receive A Confirmation Email.

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