Rebels Face Challenging Non-Conference Schedule.

Rebels Face Challenging Non-Conference Schedule.

Rebels look to capitalize off last season’s non-conference momentum.

UNLV Men’s Basketball schedule was recently released. For Rebel Fans this means one step closer to tipping off the season. Last year much was made about the Rebel’s non-conference schedule which to say the least was considered soft. UNLV took advantage of the cupcake-heavy schedule to get off to an 11-0 start. This year’s schedule contains a little more meat and potatoes, but what does that mean for the Rebel’s bottom line? At first glance, a lot looks the same, with Stetson, Akron, and Hofstra serving as Cupcakes while Carroll College will play the role of Pacific Life as the guaranteed game and season Sacrificial Lamb. Southern and Dayton also will be rematches of games the Rebels won last season. However, that is where the similarities to last season end. The Rebels take some significant steps up in class this, with an early season true road game against Pepperdine, a matchup against Florida St. in the State of Florida, and a home game against WCC power St. Mary’s. The marquee matchup may be the game against Creighton, which will be played in Henderson at the Dollar Loan Center, against a Blue Jay team that was one bad call away from a trip to the Final Four last year. All in all the schedule is a lot better than it was a year ago, the question is will the Rebels be? If they get the games they’re supposed to, split with Pepperdine and Dayton, and can get one at either DLC or during the Sunshine Slam. that’s an 8-4 record, heading into conference play, and one that looks much more impressive than last season’s empty calorie-heavy 11-0 record.

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